Executive Director's Message to Members

New MESSA options put more money in your paycheck

By Ross Wilson, MESSA Executive Director

Ross Wilson, Executive Director

We at MESSA are committed to doing everything we can to ease the financial burden placed on our members by the state’s “hard-cap” law. In the past 18 months, we’ve introduced numerous new plan options designed to reduce the amount that comes out of our members’ paychecks for health care.

New options include coinsurance, mandatory mail order prescriptions and high-deductible, lower-premium plans.

We’re doing this without sacrificing two of MESSA’s cornerstones:
access to a wide network of doctors and excellent member service. MESSA still provides the greatest choice of doctors around and access to the best medical providers, and our member service specialists and field representatives provide one-on-one support to answer any questions you might have—big or small. 

Learn more about MESSA’s new money-savings options by calling your MESSA field representative at 800.292.4910.

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