MESSA leaders and staff understand school employees are struggling financially – and we are working hard to reduce health costs. We know it’s been a decade or more since you have had much of a raise or even a step increase. The Legislature has forced you to pay up to 11 percent more into your retirement and shifted more health care costs to you.

Statewide, employees are bearing an increasing financial burden because the Legislature capped what school districts can spend on employee health care. The law, Public Act 152 of 2011, shifted significant costs onto your back. The law applies no matter which health insurer provides your coverage. The cap is low and doesn’t keep up with rising health costs.

MESSA has been a leader in the education insurance market since 1965. Now, as you and your employer struggle with rising health care costs and state-imposed limits, MESSA is taking the lead to develop new money-saving options to help. We have an aggressive plan that includes:

  • Our MESSA Choices plans will have three higher deductible options effective July 1, saving members significant money through lower premiums.
  • A new coinsurance rider, which is planned for launch on Oct. 1.
  • A new prescription drug plan to help rein in the costs of expensive new specialty drugs. We expect to have more products available as early as this fall and more in 2017.
  • Beginning July 1, we will start covering 24/7 online doctor visit through Amwell. A visit will cost just $49, which is significantly less than a doctor’s office or urgent care visit.

MESSA is actively seeking solutions because we are a member-run nonprofit, we don’t earn profits, don’t pay commissions to insurance agents and we’re governed by a board of school employees who are all MESSA members.

For more information about MESSA’s new plans and services, call your MESSA field representative at 800.292.4910.

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