Case Management Programs

Asthma Case Management Program
Cardiovascular Case Management Program
Diabetes Case Management Program

Case management programs that succeed in getting people to make healthier lifestyle choices are proving to be wise, cost-effective strategies that can dramatically lower health care costs long-term without impairing benefits or shifting costs. Wellness and case management programs are two types of programs that accomplish this goal.

Wellness programs promote healthy lifestyle choices and proper balance in our lives. Well employees are more productive on the job, experience less absenteeism and feel happier. Case management programs such as MESSA’s asthma, diabetes and cardiovascular disease case management programs help our members improve the quality of their lives and live healthier and longer lives.

Studies show that people with chronic illnesses enrolled in case management programs have fewer hospital admissions, fewer emergency room visits and lower overall medical costs. Patients enjoy a better quality of life and avoid many medical crises when a chronic condition such as asthma or diabetes is appropriately managed on a continuing basis.

MESSA’s Asthma, Diabetes, and Cardiovascular case management programs use a variety of methods to educate members:

  • Access to specially-trained nurses who give members the personalized one-on-one support they need to manage asthma, diabetes, or cardiovascular disease

  • Access to educational materials such as fliers, pamphlets, newsletters, information packets and videos

  • Valuable information to physicians about clinical practice guidelines and utilization patterns

  • Tips for members to use to improve their relationships with their personal physicians

All of MESSA’s case management programs provide important information, motivation and support to help members reach their health goals including important cardiovascular health goals. Knowing your key cardiovascular numbers such as blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol is important to achieve optimal health.

Members can call MESSA at 800.336.0022, prompt 3 to get additional information on MESSA’s Asthma, Diabetes and Cardiovascular case management programs.

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