Health and Pregnancy

Pregnancy and child birth is a very important and exciting time in any family’s life. The fewer things you have to worry about during this busy time, the better. MESSA has a number of programs and features designed to assist you during this exciting time of your life. Whether it be a question regarding coverage of a service, or how to best prepare for your new baby, we are here to help. Here are a few things MESSA has to offer your family and its newest addition.

Healthy Expectations

Healthy Expectations

MESSA’s Healthy Expectations provides support for expectant mothers. When you enroll in Healthy Expectations you will receive a simple health assessment questionnaire to complete and return to us. If any risk factors are identified, a MESSA Healthy Expectations nurse may contact you and offer additional assistance. We will also send you a reference book on pregnancy and birth and a second book containing health guidelines to help you care for your baby. More info... 



Take the worry out of health care. Ask a Registered Nurse 24/7! NurseLine is a health information phone line staffed around the clock by registered nurses trained to answer medical questions and offer guidance. When you call, a registered nurse will listen to your questions and discuss your health concerns with you. The nurse may also provide some at-home health care measures or suggest you contact your personal physician. NurseLine may help you avoid unnecessary emergency room visits and expenses. More info... 

Coverage Details

MESSA’s unique coverage offers support for expectant mothers and new babies. Here are a few things we are pleased to offer. Remember, it is important to add your child to your policy within 30 days. Fill out a Member Change Form to add a dependent.

Breast Pumps - A breast pump is a payable benefit under your MESSA plan when medically necessary and prescribed by your physician. Services are payable at 100% of the approved amount when purchased from a payable durable medical equipment (DME) provider as described in your plan coverage booklet.

Well Baby/Child Care Visits and Immunizations - MESSA pays for well-baby and child care visits through age 18 as follows:

    • Six visits per year for children through 35 months
    • Two visits per year for children 36 months through 47 months
    • One visit per year for children beyond 47 months for health maintenance exams  


MESSA pays for childhood immunizations as recommended by the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices and the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Lactation Consultants - Benefits are available for Choices and MESSA Account-Based Choices (ABC) plans with a prescription from your doctor. Please call Member Services at 800.336.0013 for visit limitations.

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