Asthma Management Program


MESSA’s Asthma Member Education and Support Program provides one-on-one help for MESSA members and their dependents who wish to effectively manage their asthma-related health issues.

MESSA’s asthma nurse educator, Susan Jahn, R.N., can help you:

  • Understand asthma and common asthma triggers
  • Learn how to monitor asthma
  • Figure out the right questions to ask at doctor visits
  • Obtain a written asthma plan from your doctor and help implement that plan, which is integral to controlling asthma throughout the year, saving time and money

MESSA’s program emphasizes education as a major component of managing asthma. By enrolling in the program, you receive asthma education materials, which can help you understand the chronic nature of asthma, guidelines for treatment, and information about MESSA’s asthma benefits.

Along the way, Susan will be available to provide information, encouragement and guidance to help you reach your asthma health goals.

To enroll in MESSA’s Asthma Member Education and Support Program, call 800.336.0022 and select prompt 3 to speak with a nurse educator.

This information is also available as a downloadable PDF.
Internet Resources for Managing Asthma
Print Asthma Action Plan for Adults
Print Asthma Action Plan for Children

School & Sports

Michigan public school children are allowed by law (under certain conditions) to carry and self-administer prescribed asthma medications including inhalers and epi-pens. To read more about the law, visit the Asthma Initiative of Michigan (AIM) website at

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