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MESSA’s health care plans include a prescriptions by mail delivery pharmacy service managed by Express Scripts. Express Scripts is the nation's leading pharmacy benefits manager. Express Scripts serves more than 62 million people, nearly one in four Americans. If you take prescription medication on an ongoing basis for a chronic condition, you can save money on your prescriptions by ordering them from Express Scripts. Once you are enrolled, you can refill your prescriptions online and benefit from free standard shipping.

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To mail a written prescription, download the Prescription Mail Order Form & Health Questionnaire. Complete the information and mail to Medco.

How can I save money on my prescriptions?

  • If your health plan has a $2 or less co-payment, your co-payment through Express Scripts is zero. 
  • If your plan has a $5 generic/$10 brand name co-payment, your Express Scripts co-payment is reduced to $2. 
  • If you have the new $10 generic/$20 brand name co-payment, your Express Scripts co-payment will be $20 generic and $40 brand name (or two co-payments for a 3-month supply). In addition to your co-payment, if you choose the brand name and there is a generic available, you may be charged an ingredient cost difference.

You can save additional dollars because Express Scripts can fill up to a 90-day supply. Once you are enrolled in the home delivery service, getting refills and renewals is a snap. You can order refills by phone at 800-903-8346 or using an online form.

Download this prescription fax form, have your physician complete it, and follow the instructions to send it to Express Scripts. Your doctor may also obtain fax forms and instructions directly by calling 888.327.9791. This number is for physicians only.

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