Walgreens Specialty Pharmacy

The exclusive mail-order pharmacy for specialty medications for MESSA members is Walgreens Specialty Pharmacy (formerly known as Option Care). MESSA members may also continue to utilize their local retail pharmacies although not all retail pharmacies handle specialty medications. Medco By Mail will continue to provide mail-order pharmacy services for maintenance prescriptions.

Find Out if Your Prescription is a Specialty Medication

Getting Started is Easy...Just Call 866.515.1355

Walgreens Specialty Pharmacy is a leading provider of specialty pharmaceuticals for patients suffering from complex chronic or genetic conditions. Walgreens Specialty Pharmacy offers:

  • Convenient home delivery of your medication via UPS
  • Personal service 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • A broad array of expert support services such as side-effect counseling and medication administration training

Specialty medications are oral, injectable or infused drugs that require special handling, administration or monitoring. Examples of specialty medications include:

  • Arthritis drugs (such as Enbrel® and Humira®) 
  • Growth hormone drugs (such as Humatrope® and Genotropin®) 
  • Hepatitis C drugs (such as Pegasys® and Rebetol®) 
  • Multiple Sclerosis drugs (such as Betaseron® and Rebif®) 
  • Psoriasis drugs (such as Enbrel® and Humira®) 
  • Infertility drugs (such as Follistim®, Gonal-F® and Repronex®)

Registration for new prescriptions

If you have a new prescription for a specialty medication and want to fill it through Walgreens Specialty Pharmacy, getting started is easy. Just call 866.515.1355 to speak with a Patient Care Coordinator who will work directly with you and your physician. You can also go to www.WalgreensHealth.com and register online. Once registered, a Walgreens Specialty Pharmacy Coordinator will contact you to complete the ordering process.

Your physician continues to have the option of purchasing specialty medications from Walgreens Specialty Pharmacy or any pharmacy of their choice and administering it in their office.

This change from Medco By Mail to Walgreens Specialty Pharmacy does not affect your prescription co-payments or plan design. MESSA and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan moved to Walgreens Specialty Pharmacy in an effort to hold plan costs down while preserving a high level of member service

Please review the Walgreens Specialty Pharmacy medication Q & A page for additional information.

Please contact the MESSA Member Service Center at 800.336.0013 with any additional questions you may have about your prescription coverage or Walgreens Specialty Pharmacy. We're here to help!

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