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MESSA ABC is a high-deductible health plan that saves you money through lower premiums. MESSA ABC is also compatible with a tax-saving health savings account (HSA).

Learning how to manage a large deductible can be challenging at first. There is a learning curve. You have to budget each year for the deductible. Putting money tax-free into your HSA to pay medical expenses provides many financial benefits, even into retirement.

We’ve created this website to help you learn more about the MESSA ABC medical plan and how to put an HSA to work for you. The video below provides an overview and important tips to help you avoid problems. Use the playlist button to view other helpful MESSA videos.


MESSA ABC is a quality health plan with a large choice of doctors, hospitals and other providers, superb wellness and member education support, and in-network discounts. The information here will help you understand MESSA ABC medical coverage. If you have questions about the medical plan, call MESSA’s award-winning Member Service Center at 800.336.0013.

Six Smart Strategies to Stretch Your Dollars
Get the most out of your money with MESSA ABC and these six helpful tips.

Medical Plan Coverage Booklet
Understanding deductibles – MESSA can help
Quick Tips for MESSA ABC members – Plan 1
Quick Tips for MESSA ABC members – Plan 2
Quick Tips for MESSA ABC members – Plan 3
What you should know about referrals

A HealthEquity HSA account is included with MESSA ABC for each member. An HSA can be used to pay for qualified medical care expenses, including deductible expenses. The information here will help you understand the benefits of an HSA and how to effectively manage an account. If you have questions about a HealthEquity HSA, go to www.healthequity.com or call HealthEquity’s Member Services department at 877.218.3432.

HSA Advantages
A quick guide to the advantages of a MESSA ABC plan and HealthEquity HSA, and how they help MESSA members.

Medicare & HSA Eligibility
HSA Eligibility and Opt-Out
The Complete HSA Guidebook
Health Savings Account – Can I have one and how can I use it?

MESSA ABC health plans include coverage for Free Preventive Prescriptions