As a MESSA member, you have access to the Express Scripts pharmacy for convenient home delivery of the medications you take regularly.

The benefits of using Express Scripts include home delivery of a three-month supply of your long-term medications, free standard shipping and 24/7 access to a pharmacist from the privacy of your home.

3 steps to get started with home delivery

  1. Log in to your MyMESSA member account. Click the “Rx home delivery” link to register, transfer eligible prescriptions to home delivery and order refills.
  1. Contact your doctor. Call your doctor to obtain a new prescription for a 90-day supply of your long-term medications.
  1. Register adults covered by your plan. Dependents over 18 need to register with Express Scripts separately at, and they need to authorize you to view and order prescriptions for them, if desired.

Just like at a retail pharmacy, your standard copayments and deductibles apply. Please note that short-term medications such as antibiotics must be filled by a local retail pharmacy, and specialty medications must be filled through your local pharmacy or via AllianceRx Walgreens Prime, a specialty home-delivery pharmacy.

For questions specific to Express Scripts’ delivery service, call Express Scripts at 800.903.8346 (TTY: 800.876.1089).

This article was originally featured in DiscoverYou May/June 2020.