MESSA and HealthEquity: Partnering to Simplify Your Life

With other health plans, having an HSA can be a hassle: employees have to manage healthcare paperwork, receipts, bills, medical claims and payments manually.

MESSA simplifies HSA paperwork and minimizes hassles. MESSA has partnered with a best-in-class HSA administrator–HealthEquity–to provide an all-in-one, fully integrated HSA account management solution for members and employers. A HealthEquity HSA account is included with MESSA ABC for each member.

HealthEquity provides all-day, everyday member call center support, an easy-to-use member web portal and a free debit card. HealthEquity even makes investing HSA funds easy. And there's no monthly fee for MESSA ABC members!

  • HealthEquity's seamless integration with MESSA ABC automates account management–making it easy for you to track claims and pay providers–and helps minimize hassles and simplify your life
  • HealthEquity's powerful and proven online tools simplify HSA account management
  • HSA accounts with HealthEquity are FDIC-insured up to $250,000 (funds invested in mutual funds are not FDIC-insured)
  • HealthEquity is one of the nation's largest HSA administrators, serving more than 20,000 companies

Visit the MESSA/HealthEquity Member Portal

If you have questions about HSAs or HealthEquity services, please call HealthEquity's member service line at 877.218.3432.