Livongo – New diabetes management program for MESSA members

MESSA is excited to announce a new diabetes management program for our members and their dependents who have Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes. MESSA members and their covered dependents can enroll in Livongo, a diabetes management program that combines cutting-edge technology with personal coaching from a certified diabetes educator. The Livongo [...]

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Essential savings: New plan now available for bargaining

MESSA is introducing a new medical plan that can help members save money. Essentials by MESSA is a low-deductible ($375 for individuals and $750 for families) medical and prescription plan. The plan can reduce the amount taken out of members’ paychecks for health coverage, while still providing the same peace of mind, choice [...]

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Help at home – Grant Summers’ story

Teacher says son’s home infusion is comfortable and convenient When the school bell rings at 7:30 each morning, you’ll find Grant Summers in his seat, ready for another day of class. He is the typical middle school tween: he enjoys school, sports and hanging out with his friends. With such a busy [...]

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Asthma Alert: Stay inside and keep inhaler nearby

The extreme heat may be difficult for people who suffer with asthma. Extreme heat can be dangerous — even deadly— for asthma sufferers. Some health experts are already reporting an increase in patients who are struggling to breathe due to the heat. “Asthma symptoms may get worse with heat and humidity, and [...]